Wasatch Short Track

A week ago, the Wasatch speedskating club put on some low-key, fun races.

I rarely get to watch short track racing, and I had many friends competing, so I left my skate bag home, and trooped over to cheer on the fun. Short Track is such a blast to watch.

For a few skaters, this was a final tune up skate before National Championships. For others, just some fast laps with friends. For some of the younger ones, maybe it was one of their first times stepping to the starting line.

I brought my video camera, the results are not perfect, but for those unfamiliar with the daring and athleticism involved in this G-force defying activity, this is fun to watch. I have not tried to tape Short Track before, and learned a lot about catching the action, and included clips from every category. The song is “sorrow” from the Pink Floyd Album “a momentary lapse of reason”.

Click here for a high quality Quicktime, or start the YouTube below.

(this is the kind of video where you can really see the vast difference between quicktime vs flash-based)

It’s worth mentioning that in the opening sequence, a skater takes a nasty fall, Anthony was ok, even though he had his bell rung pretty nicely by hitting his head on Matt’s passing thigh.

If you are going to smack into a human being at high speed, the quadriceps of a speedskater are not the softest, most shock absorbing choice.

5 Responses to “Wasatch Short Track”

  1. I was hoping that a few of the more inexperienced skaters would follow me in the 3k. They didn’t.

  2. i like how all your movies end in “-Andrew”

  3. your doing more for the sport with your movies than you ever will working for (US SPEEDSKATING)
    !!!!!!idea!!!!! maby you should shoot a movie for sundance film fest for next year. that would help the sport exposure like that could be price less maby you could make some bank??? has anyone ever filmed speedskating for a short film. I think you could find all the right cast you know everyone.
    Caleb the skier

  4. Andrew, thanks for the video.. it’s awesome. You should come and skate shortrack with us sometime!

  5. Excellent video Andrew! I love seeing the kids skate and the music is great. Not to be too nerdy, but whoever the skater was who removed his helmet right after crossing the finish line would be DQ’d in any other race and certainly in a Canadian race! One of our skaters missed medalling by doing the same thing. All safety equipment should stay on until the skater exits the ice.

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