Dry Heat!

As of right now, here is how hot it is, next to the Utah Oval

if you note the 17% humidity, at least it’s a dry heat!

Of course, in Downtown Salt lake, where I live, there are myriad creative ways of dealing with the heat.. Especially when the parks department creates a watery arch of sprinklers running full blast.

I must admit that while PowerCrank-ing home from a hilly inline skate, I did take a detour through these… Aaaaaah…..

It seems just wrong that folks are skating short track right now, and that long track ice will supposedly be put in sometime this month.

Modern life is FULL of contradictions; too many to list, so I guess gliding on ice when it’s 103 degrees outside is perfectly normal.

It’s funny, even though I have drifted into training HARD again; it’s in a different place & doing different stuff than the rest of the crazy ice tribe who live out here.

I miss my friends, I miss the summer sun slanting into the windows of the Utah Oval & the easy conversation among people who all share the same insane passion & drive for the same wonderfully satisfying, irrational goals.

I even miss the whole pre-season endless wheel-of-pain. Maybe absence makes the heart grow fonder. Hmmmm.

It’s a small thing, really, but small things seem to be so much of what our irrational lives revolve around.

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  1. I knew Utah had similar weather conditions to that of California, but I didn’t know how similar. Wow, and I think 90 degrees is painful.

    Good Luck with your training, Andrew! :D

  2. Who’s the good-looking guy? :)

  3. Melissa,

    90+ degrees with 100% humidity IS painful… it’s like skating on the inside of someone else’s sweaty tube sock… (I am waiting for the comments from the Texas folks… THAT’s HOT)


    I don’t know who the guy is, just a jogger in Liberty park, but I will say this, for the viewing pleasure of female readers it’s too bad I did not get an image of him running through the sprinklers the other way, he had quite the 6-pack of abs… (and I did ask for permission to take this picture as he was gliding past)…

    I’ve recently come across a few cycling-news websites that seem to combine news & bike racing culture commetary with scantily clad & almost naked people, plus lots of references to beer, liquor & our president…

    I won’t go down that path…. well, at least I promise to not talk about Politics!!!!


  4. Dry? What’s that? I’m sure your brother can attest to Texas being under water. Yesterday’s newspaper cover said something like “Enough is Enough, 40 Days” 100% humidity… Please, take me in in SLC!!!!! hahaha

  5. Well if you haven’t seen the ice. We now have to gothic oval. Andrew you need to show the world what the brilliant mind of Marc Norman has done.

  6. I meant the gothc oval. My brother told me when they were putting it in the wanted a little darker blue but ended up with black after put a whole gallon of black paint. You should see how they put the ice in now. They have a big sprayer on the back of the yellow cart. The white paint is everywhere.

  7. Paul, I think you mean the GOTHIC oval, or maybe just GOTH

    so why is the oval like a tribe of barbarians that plundered ancient rome?

  8. Andrew, We weren’t in CO at the same time, were we? Hey! I want to talk blogging shop with you. When would be a good time to SKYPE and catch up? Are you on SKYPE?

  9. Thanks so much for bringing that up, Paul. I think Marc was trying to make the warmup lane look like asphalt in order to make my new team, “Steel on Pavement,” feel at home! I know you miss me, Marc, but since you’re such a stickler for the rules, I thought I’d inform you that the ISU wants all warmup lanes on all the rinks that hold major events to be the same color, and that’s light blue…unless, of course, you’re arrogant enough to believe that all the rest of the world’s ovals will now be forced to conform to your grayish-brown concoction.

    It’s one thing to be so unfamiliar with your own timing system that you set up a single pair of women skating a 25-lap race as a “mixed 10K,” and then refuse to admit or remedy your own mistake years later, but it’s another thing entirely to be too stupid to properly mix a can of paint. So, in the interest of being in compliance with the ISU regulations, you better rip that shit out and start again. The sooner the better.

    And to all those who were so impressed to see your General Manager out there last week doing manual labor: He’s only drawn to that kind of work because that’s the level of his actual ability. (Well, maybe not even that, since he just f–ed up a simple paint job.) He feels much more comfortable doing that than he does being the “face” of his facility: Making phone calls, going to meetings, making sure all the blocks of ice time are filled up with customers, and making the Oval a place where people want to go.

    On the other hand, I guess it does take some kind of special talent to alienate someone who used to love ice skating as much as I did, and only lives half a mile away from that place, so I suppose I’ll congratulate him on that.

  10. Everyone knows you’re supposed to get your paint mixed at Home Depot!!! ;)

  11. Ha-ha-ha!

    Yeah, why didn’t he just ask Amy Sannes? I know she worked at least a few minutes in the paint department.

  12. I don’t ever want to tamp down any free exchange of ideas & opinions… thriving discussion is part of what makes America & other open societies very strong..

    I can count on one hand the number of times I have ever removed horrid comments from this blog… and ethically I do regret each one…

    I invite the folks at the oval to elaborate if they wish.. who knows why they are painting the track black.. I am not there, and really have no idea..

    isn’t black ice supposedly a good thing??? (well, at least on a lake).. maybe it’s a temperature-control primer coat?? who knows…

    but Eva, we have spoken privately numerous times about libel laws, & in general about treating fellow human beings, and now I will say it publicly….

    be careful…

  13. I didn’t say I hated it. I just thought it was funny. I looks cool but I do think they will eventually have to rip it out. Torino had red ice at first but then had to rip it out. If they do I think my brother might start crying.

  14. I did hear that the letters, yellow and red, look cool. But, if the ISU has strict rules on the color of the inner lane, than those should be followed, and that isn’t a personal dig on any one person. It’s just the way it is.

  15. Yes, Torino had red ice for the test event in December of ‘05. It was cool. But they ripped it out and put the blue lane in for the Olympics. I can’t say if the blue was faster than the red because I didn’t go back to try it!

    Steph, you’re nicer than me. I take my digs unapologetically.

    Andrew, if anyone wants to go after me for slander, I’m ready. I know I’m right, and am more than willing to share my side of a sport no one pays attention to in this country. All those people would be doing is calling attention to themselves, which they don’t want to do. Incompetence, corruption, unfairness; it would all come out into the open.

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