Winnipeg Naturale

My friend Brett Arnason, writes from Winnipeg:

We had a skating day last Saturday that was an incredible experience.

The lake behind our summer cottage had frozen quite smooth so Randy Plett,
JF Godbout, Greg Carrigan.and myself got together for a skate.

It was a remarkable experience.

We struggled south against the 25 mile per hour wind for over a mile and then we would fly home easily making speeds in excess of 45 mph. None of ever recall going so fast.

We got together again for a repeat on Sunday

and we have video on you tube

Thanks Brett, I own a pair of classic Viking hardtails (non-clap skates) that I use to warm down after hard workouts. I am keeping my eyes on a few local ice fishing discussion boards & websites to see if I can find a frozen lake far up in the Wasatch, where I can try and have as much fun as you guys.

4 Responses to “Winnipeg Naturale”

  1. bont wheels? yes of course
    nefit : how did dutch nefit get to canadian Winnipeg?
    (please send the ice to our place..)

  2. Give us 2 weeks of your ice, only 2 weeks…..

  3. I think it’s really interesting how it’s two Dutch folks who see that natural ice & really feel that pang…

    I am trying to think what an American equivalent would be? maybe if true skiing powder days only came once every few years? Or maybe if they only played the superbowl at the whim of extremely rare weather conditions?

    I understood the country-wide Dutch love of natural ice when I was first flying into Holland. Looking down from the plane, a large portion of the country is honeycombed with shallow canals.

    When natural ice happens, it would be limitless cross country skating, pretty much everywhere… it would be amazing..

  4. Andrew et al. My “pang” for natural ice takes me back to childhood and playing hockey (shinny) on the cranberry bogs of Cape Cod Mass. 1″ of ice and only 1/2 of the 1 acre bog being frozen. We lost a few pucks…until spring that is. No mouth guards, no helmets, just my Rally “Bobby Orr”s and my Sherwood. Things were so simple. That bog water was so cold and refreshing (and probably poison). >>>>

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