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Question: So Pat, I think I have you figured out; you skate because you want to live longer.

Pat Knox: Nope, I skate because I want to live right now.

This is now one of my favorite skating quotes ever, and is how I feel too.

I know I have images of Pat, but my external hard drive holding 250GB of skating images/video is being funky this morning, so here is an image of Pat from the talented Teri Willingham.

Pat is the one with the grey hair and the huge smile

Heart disease runs in my family like a wild stallion, so even if all this working out I do does not give me one more minute of life, it has enriched the life I have so much, it’s worth every moment.

This quote also applies to the following post:

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  1. Andrew - I hear you. One of my skaters fathers went on a hunting trip this fall. He went to sleep Saturday night and didn’t wake up Sunday AM. He had a massive heart attack in his sleep. He was fit, not overweight, and in good shape. It’s hard to process a life that ended so short and early. That said, it does make me realize I need to appreciate *every* day for what it is - a gift.

    Cheers, Peter H.

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