Day 1 US Nationals

I don’t have reliable Internet access, so this will be an incredibly quick entry, on a few moments of the many amazing races today.

So many stories in every event. Here is Lawrence Ducker leading Ryan Bedford entering the final turn of a 500m. I am pretty amazed at what Lawrence is doing here, as his left skate push is cleanly threading the tiny space between two blocks as he is traveling 33mph.

Shani & Chad showing some extended glide-time during extended pain-time; 3 laps to go in the 5k. They were paired together for both 500m and 5k, and it was incredible to watch these world champions/Olympic medalists go at it.

Whereas Chad & Shani were pushing each other, Trevor Marsicano was 3rd in the 5k by a whisker, a fantastic race, just himself vs the track. Here he is in the last few meters of pain, again, in a glide moment.

So many stories: Justin Stelly has spent most of this season recovering from injury. He is certainly not skating near his potential, and that is a psychological battle that he needs to go through to get back to the top of his game. He fights with heart here in the last 200m of his 5k…

and pays for it after the finish. As a pure sprinter, I totally respect the effort & toughness of the true allarounders.

Ashlee Barnett & her clipped, powerful style, is shooting through the final turn in the 500m, earning a highly respectable 2rd place finish. I think this is her first senior long track nationals medal. Go A-Barn! (Note & correction: she has several she earned as a junior, but this is the first in some time, and one she quite happy with.)

3 happy women on the podium after the 3k. Maria Lamb, Nancy Swider-Peltz, and Catherine Raney-Norman.

Ok, must run, my brief moment of internet connectivity is fading fast, more tomorrow if I can.

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  1. well, Lawrence Ducker should be a very happy guy. I still see him in the results list, but he should be disqualified as this years rules demand (ok, it’s a stupid rule, but he shouldn’t try it in an international race… well, here in Holland he shouldn’t even try it in the Dutch nationals, he’d be DQ for sure…)

  2. yup, this year, cutting the inner line is a major sin. Also, nice to see Shanni wearing his new major sponsor (did you shoot that picture for that?) this is an empoyment agency “governmental” in the Netherlands, so I imagine that you could sell the rights to this picture to have it seen in Holland.
    Last, When is the last time Catherine finished third at a national competition in the 3 k? If the picture reflects the order of the finishers.

    OK, gotta go ski, how was YOUR results?

  3. Didn’t one of the Dutch women (Ireen Wust, I think) get DQ’d in an earlier WC for just kicking that block with the toe of her blade?

    Anyhow…raining hot water in Lake Placid today … no ice to skate on there. :-(

    Happy New Year all you skaters (and fans)!!!

  4. I did not realize that picture I published would cause a stir…

    actually, even in the strictest sense of the rules, Lawrence is ok, if you look VERY closely, you can see that his blade has just been lifted off the ice, did his blade touch that line? yes, did he take a full stride over the line? not really.

    Actually, talking with him about it, he said that he entered the corner far too tight, so this is not something to emulate. Still a cool moment though….

    Eric, I did not even notice Shani’s new sponsor, I was looking for good “skate moments”, and Catherine was 2nd in the 3k. She did not even skate the 5k today.

    For a skater at Catherine’s level, US nationals is not the goal, the world cups/world champs are.

  5. Well, the skate doesn’t have to touch the ice, over it is _also_ not allowed, also not ‘in the air’.

    Nowadays in Holland, the blocks are laid down on the inside of the line (next to the line), so that if a skater touches a block (and the block is moved) he _surely_ is over the line (and DQ-ed).

    This is ofcourse a very strange adaption of the rule: it’s difficult to see whether someone touches the line, so after some stir during the Dutch distance championships, they here decided to lay the block on the inside of the line, which is ofcourse very stange: the startingline may also not be crossed with your skate!

    But in the end, I think this rule is a bad rule.

  6. Yes, Lawrence really should have been disqualified. And indeed it is a silly rule.The German skaters asked for a more strict interpretation of this already excisting rule.

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