Sprint Nationals Video

The allarounders will get their video soon, but the sprinters are out of the gate first. I honestly had this song “Seven Nation Army” running through my head as I was watching the skaters whiz by.

Here are the complete results for the men, and the results for the women.

Click here for the high quality quicktime
, or start the youtube below.

Complete Shotlist

Clay James Cholewinski, 500m start
Matt Shanahan being chased by Chris Needham
Trevor Marsicano stepping onto the ice
The warmup lane & pads at the Pettit
Elli Ochowicz & Heather Richardson, 1k
Tony Sargent, 500m start
Mitchell Whitmore, 500m
Christopher Needham, 1k start
Shani Davis & Brent Aussprung, 1k
Michael Stein-Stewart, 500m start
Rollshot just after warmup
Rebekah Bradford, 500m corner
Ashlee Barnett & Erica Lanser, after a 1k
Parker Vance, whoosh!! 10.06 opener
Bob Fenn – High 5!
Heather Richardson, 500m start
Tucker Fredricks, 1k start
Shani Davis, 500m
A really nice camera, & my cheap one.

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  1. Again: a great video!

    Happy new year everybody!

  2. I’m thinking that was Shani and Chad in that once race, and looks like a 500 by the pace.

  3. Great video indeed, hope everyone is having a happy new year.

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  5. nice video!

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