Dear Microsoft, 2010 USA blogging team!

Dear Microsoft

I am truly excited about entering your blog contest, offering 2 bloggers the chance to be on the 2010 Vancouver USA blogging team, and report live from the Vancouver winter Olympic games-

For some reason, your contest stipulates that the bloggers must be either an enrolled university student, or female,. However according to, this website is written by a 60% verified woman.

Given that the IOC is has terrible difficulty measuring the boundary line between a woman and man (see the current case of runner Caster Semenya) and frankly, always has, I consider that this digital DNA test of my words to be blogosphere-certified proof that I qualify for your contest.

Here are some reasons you should add me to the 2010 USA Blogging team-

  • This blog will crack a million page views this year, with 700-1000 readers a day. I did this covering a microscopic sport in terms of raw participants
  • I am an extremely productive blogger, over 700 posts so far, you will get loads of content from me. Content is King.
  • As a 2 time Olympic trials competitor, I am no armchair quarterback. I deeply understand what these athletes go through, and do my best to show the unwritten story of their world
  • I ran the daily updates of Chad Hedricks’ website during the 2006 Torino Games, and it won the Macromedia site of the day.
  • I know most of the US Speedskating Olympic team, and am honored to call many of these unique individuals friends. Many international athletes have visited my website as well.
  • Triple threat: Words, images, and video. I rock all 3 in the Blogosphere.
  • I’ve LIVED winter sports my whole life, first hockey, then XC ski racing, and the last 8 years as a national caliber Speedskater.
  • I work like a sled dog with an espresso problem.

You ask for some links to my work, here is a selection of interviews I’ve done, with some of the USA’s best-

Katherine Reutter
Jennifer Rodriguez (Interview #1, and then Interview #2)
Trevor Marsicano
Chris Witty
Joey Cheek
Kip Carpenter

You also require 2 social media links:

#1 Here is my Youtube channel, 273,000 views so far, add another 100,000-ish from the high quality quicktime versions I host.
#2 is Facebook, this is really more personal, but I do have fun there.

-Andrea Love

P.S. Your judge Bonnie Blair & I do know each other in the “two dozen conversations” kind of way, so you should probably disqualify me on those grounds alone. Even so, you would be absolutely nuts not to invite me along as a member of the 2010 Vancouver Blogging team.

I promise you posts that will leave computer screens steaming with stories that need to be told, moments that generate digital buzz like a jar full of wasps.

P.P.S If it weren’t for Microsoft spell check, I’d be screwed. I owe a beer to the Microsoft word development team.

12 Responses to “Dear Microsoft, 2010 USA blogging team!”

  1. You go Andrew or Andrea.

  2. Andrew, I’d vote for ya!

    Now…should I expect to see you sign up as a woman in the upcoming Master’s meets? :-)

  3. And when you appear at the ST events, It will be my privilege to direct you to the best vantage points.

  4. Are you the bearded lady of the 3-ring circus.

  5. Love it! :)

  6. What a compelling entry- think you can write my next artist statement?

  7. > If it weren’t for Microsoft spell check, I’d be screwed

    Yes, spell check helps a lot. You might want to take a look at Spell Check Anywhere (SpellCheckAnywhere.Com). It is a terrific spell checker that works in all programs, including blogs.

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  9. Lol…sled dog with an espresso problem…lol

  10. Well… even if you don’t win, they’ll be talking about you around the mousepad =)

  11. Go you!

    Excellent entry! I laughed at the honesty.

  12. Have they picked you yet? It just wouldn’t make any sense to NOT pick you.
    Hello to the fam! ;-)
    Much love,

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