Moment in 3 parts–

Is it the sweet-sharp moment of anticipation that makes skating so addictive?

Those intense feelings before a race, fear and confidence wresting within your heart… or that moment during a tempo workout that demands maximum focus before you must GO!!! (I’m just off camera on the backstretch, building speed into a timed 800m all out effort).

Or is it the moment of actually doing it? The sensation of speed, complete absorption, that weird blend of intensity-power-relaxation-flow that is essential to a good speedskating push. (I am about half-way through, just trying to skate “narrow” & drive the knees as the body slowly crumbles into a lactic fireball)

Or is it that moment of finishing? crossing the timing line and looking to the scoreboard, or your coach, for stopwatch & technical approval, for that number to weigh against your self esteem (27.7, 29.5 were my splits, best so far this year. I was dry heaving for about 5 minutes afterwards).

Or do we do it for the afterglow of effort?

That return to “normal” society & walking around with those fires still smoldering, the afterburn of what we just did still in shaky legs that complain when you stand up, walk, & most people have not the slightest clue.

It’s addictive, like speedskaters are part of some secret society. This membership is not something you can buy, or bribe, inherit from a long lost uncle or find on eBay.

It’s earned, and re-earned, savored, cherished, resented, loved, and those moments of anticipation, doing, suffering, remembering, are never forgotten.

excuse me, but I need to go skate now…

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  2. i think it’s to get those awesome-looking “speedskater legs”… jk! ;)

  3. Yes Andrew,

    All of those things.

    And too, even if we are not speedskating at times in our lives, we will always be a “Speedskater”

    It becomes part of one’s soul.

  4. Yo Andrew,
    We’ve been following your achievements with awe and admiration. Remembering your first “slap skates” breaking in on our pond. Tee shirts in Utah and mounted on the bar’s wall. You’re our PRIDE OF ITHACA. and ….
    jp & katy g.

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