Low angle winter sunlight slanting into the Utah Oval…

It is two things, it is a photographers dream, and also really quite distracting blasting your eyes for a dazzling second during the last turn of a 500m. It really weirded me out.

Here is a recent short track convert, Joey Lindsey, who is really flying on the long track these days. Videoing him is Don Nelson. They have inline-to-ice programs, but what they really need is short track to long track!

These are the last races before trials, and everyone has an air of expectation. These races really don’t mean something in themselves, they are all to fine tune the body for next week.

Pat Meek, flashing through the light puddle at 31mph (many 29 second laps in a 3k, click on the image for desktop worthy one)

Becky Lang, moving so fast during that perfect moment of sprint velocity, I missed the moment.

But I got this picture, just after her finish, there is something just insane about Becky’s leg/waist ratio here. I showed her this picture, and said “of course I wouldn’t publish it”. She said “why not! You should!”

She powerlifts when she’s not skating. This is one strong lady.

Roger Schneider of Switzerland has already punched his ticket to the Olympic Games in the 5,000m, and this Swiss national record holder is in Salt Lake for some training & racing

He asked me to take some images/portraits of him for a sponsor’s website, just as he was posing, the power in the oval went off. It was fantastic lighting. I love the fact that you can still see the 5,000m effort in his face.

The light patch was really wonderful, Dad this picture is for you.

Keith Carney, a battered skinsuit, and a determined man, driving hard through the turns.

I raced ok in my own 500 & 1000. I’m a skating robot sometimes, the same times over and over. But its ok. When I come home to take a walk with a smile like my daughter RZ has, lap times & speedskating seem so far away, so small, and I am a puddle of light when she smiles at me wearing her N.Y. Mets hat.

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  1. What an awesome morning - delicious coffee, delicious skaters, and a little person’s smile! :D

    I’m thinking Joey - looks like a short-tracker; Becky - is beautiful; Light-puddle photo - why is it for your dad?

  2. Van,

    yes, Joey is a top short tracker, awesome turns, and is skating seriously fast even though his straights are still developing..

    Becky has deadicated most of her life to speedskating, powerlifting & track cycling. I am basing my in-season lifting this year on what she does in the gym. It’s beautifully hard… Hasn’t improved my looks though..

    As for the light puddle photo, my father is an abstract photographer, and can really throw down some serious pixels/cellulose when the moment is at hand.

  3. “photographer’s dream” lighting is right!! glad you got to take advantage of it. loved the pics!

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  5. Andrew,
    I wanted to update you on Joey’s finish at the World Sprints help over this weekend in Obihiro, Japan. Joey finished 14th in the samalog. Not bad for a complete Long Track novice. He didn’t try long track until after missing the Olympic short track team. And I mean try. No coaching, borrowed blades and some boots he found in a pro shop.

    I looked at the countries that sent their Olympic teams using the ISU website to get an idea of the level that Joey was competing at. The countries that sent their Olympic teams were Korea, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Finland, Norway, Poland, Germany, Italy, and Kazakhstan. Only Canada and US did not send their Olympic teams, rather their next men in line.

    Joey beat the Olympic team skaters of China, Germany, Norway, Italy, and Kazakhstan.

    I was standing next to Joey when a coach discouraged Joey from going stating the obvious facts he would be skating against the world sprinters without coaching or medical support and the odds of finishing in the top twenty were slim. Joey never let this discourage him.

    Joey’s will and determination will carry him to his long term goals of the next Olympic team.

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