My battered iBook passed onward to digital heaven this past Thursday. As it’s final act of loyalty, it had several visually spectacular crashes in its final 24 hours, so I had ample warning to back up everything on an external hard drive.

Some inanimate objects, like cars, or bicycles, develop “personality” over time. This laptop never had true personality to me, It felt more like a comfortable office or an inspiring art studio attached to our house that I have spent a lot of time in over the past 3 years, often 6+ hours a day.

And suddenly my “studio” has burned down, and I will never work in it again. I saw the smoke and saved my work & canvases (like every post & image I have ever made here) but the room is gone.

I have an ancient iMac at my house that will work temporarily until I can afford a new MacBook (drool!) and I have loads of stuff to post from this weekend’s exciting America’s Cup/University World Games Qualifier.

But for a moment, before I look ahead to the new, I just wanna say; thanks old friend.

Laptop & me, at a coffee shop this past April

15 Responses to “RIP”

  1. r.i.p. ibook.

  2. That’s sucks at least you have the luxury to get your files backed-up, at one point my brother did not have that luxury.

    P.S. Congradulations on your racing this last weekend!

  3. That’s a bummer.

    The macbook, however, is a fantastic computer. They put the old iBooks to shame in every way possible.

  4. so long, good buddy…..

  5. a lesson to be drawn from my expereince, and Paul’s note, is BACK UP EVERYTHING… I do it pretty much every 3 weeks… so even if I had no warning before this crash, it would not have been catastrophic…

    external hard drives are VERY cheap, computers of all kinds are fickle creatures..

    sleep well at night, backup everthing as FREQUENTLY as it would hurt to lose..

    p.s. I even have an old, slow, small external hard drive, I will load all my pictures & seriously memorable files onto it, and send it to my parents to store in a closet in case my house burns down… they already have some CD’s I burned with my writing & work from college & grad school, but photos take more storage capacity…

  6. That top image looks eerily like an x-ray.

  7. I just memorize all my files instead of spending money or worrying about an external back-up.

  8. does anyone else see a slightly reptile looking face in there? like the Geico gecko gone all evil?

  9. who could have imagined that computer death could inspire a raft of Rorschach test oddness

    No, I don’t see the Evil Geico Gecko, but of course, in my memory, cause I was there, this image is MOVING and subtley smeared with color.

  10. I don’t know about the Gecko, but I do see three apparent fingerprints… I’m imagining Andrew poking his dead computer screen a few times, like you’d see someone in a movie poke at a dead person.

    “Come on… (poke)…. come on, c’mon (poke, poke)… WTF?!?!?”

  11. I must be terribly uncreative, because I don’t see much of anything. All I can come up with is a piece of film that was stuck to itself while developing. Smeared with color, it could look like one of those photos of some event in space…like…

  12. I saw the death throes, and it’s true that one image doesn’t do it justice. It was like a thing possessed, shifting and snarling into blackness. Twilight-zoney.

  13. My mom gives her condolences and says it looks like a painting at the Museum of Modern Art (in New York). Modern art is an idea that would also work with the colors and motion!

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