How we seek

Tell me ‘how’ you seek and I will tell you ‘what’ you are seeking.”

-Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein

In the foreground of this picture are the skates of the very fast Norwegian Masters Athlete Jon Arthur Olafsen.

In the middleground is 2002 Olympic Gold medalist Chris Witty.

In the far background against the pads is 1976 USA 1000m Gold medalist and current Norwegian national team coach Peter Muller, with one of his athletes.

How we seek is steel sliding across the ice… But of course that is not truly “how” and is so far from “what

A close friend of mine from high school, who is currently a professional pianist/organist in New York City, once told me that there are an infinite number of ways to touch a piano key and produce a tone, as opposed to something like a church organ, that will always create the same tone from a single keystroke. Aleeza has played Carnegie hall, so this is the opinon of a true pro who would know.

I have thought about her words for a really long time, and never felt like I really understood them….

But is it possible that there are an infinite number of ways for the soul to tell the body to skate that same 400m frozen circle? so the “how” & “what” of our seeking, changes constantly?

Is speedskating more piano? Or organ?


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  1. Speedskating is organ, short track is piano:-) You can go slow first in short track but you never do that in speedskating. You hang on to reserve, or pass on spurt of energy, it’s all up to you. You can even say it is a duet, a trio, a quartet as you weave in and out of each other…..

  2. All of speedskating as a whole is piano, dude. But individual skaters are organ. Looking at that pair of black skates I hear only an organ blasting out the Star Wars music for the evil empire theme…those skates are absolutley Darth Vaderesque!

  3. Definitely piano. I agree with you Andrew- I don’t care who you are, no race is ever skated the same way twice. There is always something different. We all seek that “a-ha” moment…which will never come, but the journey to reach it is composed of many concertos…which we all hum and dance to, to seek precious seconds.

  4. new light on Wittgenstein? Was he a skater?
    Didn’t Ravel compose a pianoconcerto for one hand especially for Wittgenstein’s brother (handicapped concertpianist?)

    the sound of one skate clapping - sorry bad joke

  5. Hey, nice pic of a Luigino boot! Inlines on ice :-P

  6. I like that quote.

    What is USSPEEDSKATING seeking, and how are they seeking it? Many say the USA has lots of talented skaters, but no one to give them the right kind of guidance and leadership.

  7. […] 1500m and many spots in the 5,000m. This is fun… In an earlier post, I showed the skates of Norwegian John Arthur Olafson as he was training in Salt Lake. Here is the man, at top speed. He skat […]

  8. Total non-skater here - I think skaters aspire to be organs, where each step is unchanging, planned and visualized in its perfection. But actual races are like playing piano, with sometimes colorful variations. The more mentally you can be an organ perhaps the more consistent you will be - but is consistency the hobgoblin of small minds?

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