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Aaron Arndt is a talented Canadian inliner racing in Europe, along with fellow Canucks Andrew Hegarty & Sigrid Ziegler. They are training at the World Inline Center in Switzerland, and are taking that amazing step upward to go nose to nose with the best in the world.

I wish all three of them well. It’s odd that I seem to know more of the Canadian Inliners than Americans. It’s because I got to know them at the excellent Toronto inline club events, as well as in Lake Placid & at the Empire Speed races (RIP to that excellent series).

On Aaron’s website he wrote some notes to his commenters, and he asked of me:

Andrew Love: The color you add in a comment is terrific. What are you doing this off season? Doing much inline? Maybe I’ll see you at A2A, 500m man

I realized as I wrote an answer in the comments that I rarely talk about my own long-range plans here. I tend to write more about the “vibe” of training, or of daily things I see & think about.

Maybe this is a “cheater” entry, but so be it. Life is BUSY! So here is roughly what I replied to Aaron’s question:

after 3 years of RELIGIOUSLY adhering to scripted training ( I can count on one hand the number of times I went off-macrocycle plan for more than a few days), I am just doing “whatever I feel like” through the end of July..

This has been a ton of inline, road & mountain biking.. and almost no gym work or dryland/hill running that used to dominate my life..

I’m training about half what I used to.. but have no choice due to financial restrictions, I’m working like a dog on several clients websites, it’s good…. but I still feel great when I can get out & since I’m pretty rested, I can hammer like a freak. Who knows, that might make me faster.

I’m also about 10 lbs lighter than I was when doing pure ice sprinting, and loving it..

I’ve been suffering from some “warning” injuries in my feet/ankles for few years, and they seem to be healing… I don’t want to be crippled by arthritis when I’m 40 (and that’s only a few years away!), and my right ankle especially is rather crunchy..

I won’t be at the start line of A to A, as there is no way I could be in my skates for 82 miles.. I can hammer for about 2 hours, then I’m a burbling mess….

but I am thinking about maybe racing Napa Valley & the Northshore inline marathon in the pro-masters, maybe London if the winds blow right…. I skated Northshore in 97, and have always dreamed about going back… 5,000-ish skaters is pretty incredible.

I will be delaying getting back on the ice till late fall, and peaking for US LT champs in December, and Masters worlds in Germany in feb-march.
Of course, work comes first now.. but I’ll still be racing, & I’ll never stop skating, until they pry my speedskates from my cold, dead feet.

and of course, I will keep blogging here. I debated shutting it down for a while as the focus of my life changes away from being full time “skate-trash”, but why stop something that is so much fun?

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  1. Andrew–yeah, you’ve got to do the Northshore again! You’ve got mountains, we’ve got Lake Superior–there’s no better place to skate than along its shores!

    I like your response to Aaron (who, by the way, is a talented coach in addition to being a talented skater!)’s always interesting to see how other master’s skaters evolve over time…and as someone who’s just starting to try to be really serious, I always value your insight into what it takes. I hope your “laid back” summer is enjoyable (and profitable!)

  2. Andrew,
    thanks for taking the time to ‘color’ us all a picture today!…;)

  3. Andrew,

    Glad you are recognizing the benefits of “planned” rest/recovery. You will reap the rewards of being faster and you’ll see your sprinting ability improve. I used to skate whenever I can, but now I allow other things to fit into my life. With that new kind of balance, it seems like everything stands to benefit a bit.

    Keep up with what you’re doing here on the blog and with your own skating.

    One thing I’d like to see discussed here is how the wear on inline wheels relate to they style of skating. In my own experience, I usually skate a DP with an extremely long recovery (low tempo), but find that my wheels wear evenly on both sides of the wheels, but mostly in the center. Because of this, I rarely need to rotate my wheels. My only guess on this type of wear is that a majority of my power stroke is during the underpush and the outward push (when the feet pass underneath the body). I used to think it was because of loosness in the articulation of the ankle (medially and laterally–pronation/supination), but I don’t experience ankle soreness and have NEVER had blisters from skating.

  4. They don’t have to pry your speed skates of your cold dead feet… They should just bury you with them on!!

  5. Hey Andrew…

    Plands sound great! I agree with panch0’s comment not only for you bur for Mike as well.

    Hope the move went well.

  6. out door Ice marathon would be great maby around Pine View lake I would watch from a camp fire lake side wounder If any inliners would show up and give it a shot???

  7. Andrew! You and Jess come visit in Feb-March, will you? Or we could come see you in Germany. I want you to meet Stefan. He is moving here in July/Aug. We’ll be in CO soon, but for not for long.

    Hey, how do you get the video in your posts?

  8. Andrew, Please dont stop writing. I am not here each week but when I come back it rarely has to do with skating but rather the feeling I get after I read your stuff.

    Few athletes have your writing talent and you really have an ability to articulate. even if it is not about skating but just fitness in general, bring it on.

    I do hope you try out inline again. Although I love ice more than inline, there is a place for both.

    In the US if you are serious about inline, its Duluth and St. Paul with Duluth a hands down top with the scenery and the feeling you cannot put into words.

    Enjoy the new chapter in your athletic world combining career, family and sport….


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