7th anniversary

Who can make their wedding/engagement ring spin the longest? Who can defy gravity & the entropic pull of time with metal and spin?

I like this photo. Make in an oil painting, and add a tiny touch of the fantastic, it could be a Dali. I did not know the cat & my skate bag were in the background until I was photoshopping it.

Usually, on your anniversary, you look backward, and celebrate what has been. This anniversary, our 7th, was focused on the future, on what is about to burst onto our lives. So different than our 4th anniversary, the 5th or 6th anniversaries.

I look at those old posts, and they seem so far away, so long ago. Jess has had a really easy pregnancy so far, even though she is gradually being able to do less & less physically.

The next morning, still full from dinner, I wake up at 5am, to beat the heat and do a long mountain bike ride. The great part of this marriage is that doing things like 5am bike rides is not just normal; it’s better than normal.

Watching the sunrise from your bike is a great way to greet the world. I should be at short track, not on the bike. I’d be faster on the ice this winter if I was at short track instead of bopping across rocky singletrack.

But as I climb several thousand feet up to the first ridgline of the wasatch range, shirtless, my jersey stuffed into my seat pack, the heat of another 100+ degree day just starting, I feel blessed in the deepest sense of the word.

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  1. Sounds good, Andrew, and Congratulations to the both of you for 7 years. I am glad everything is going smoothly with Jess.
    On a weather note, it has been quite a cool, wet New England summer in Vermont; it hasn’t been above 80 here all August. Just how many 100+ days have you had?

  2. Congrats Andrew and Jess!

    I love the picture of your rings btw. :D

  3. Hey there! mega-congrats to you two!! … double that up for the kiddo on the way, too. You guys have had a very successful 7th yr! :)


  4. Happy Anniversary to you both; your wonderful post keeps we hopeless romantics inspired.
    Andrew, is that nail polish on your right foot?

  5. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy Life :)

  6. Congrats to you both. A good boys name would be Rocky Singletrack Love….I’m just saying. Imagine roll call “Love, Rocky Singletrack!”

  7. “Who can make their wedding/engagement ring spin the longest?”

    triple love can.

    (tiny question: what’s the third Unidentified Spinning Object?/)

    many turns oflotzofloves



  8. Ok, not well thought out…..Rocky Love. Perhaps a little too cute without the middle name and who uses that!

    If it is a girl how about Adora? I love that name Adora Love….

  9. Aw, Lanky and I send our best wishes. We are also curious how long you two dated before tying the knot - I haven’t managed to catch that tidbit anywhere else in the blog.

    I didn’t know you had a kitty! What a cutie. Poor Jess is going to have so many creatures to take care of. A newborn, an Andrew, Lily, and and a kitty, and that’s just at home. :)

    Luck: youz has it.

  10. MANY MANY congrats on your anniversary, AND the future Love child!!! You are truly blessed with each other and to have a little one on the way.

  11. So good to hear from you again!
    Jamie, I’m not sure about Adora Love - sounds like a porn star…
    and Van, I think for a while it’s gonna be ANDREW taking care of Jess, newborn, kitty, Lily - and hopefully himself - eh?

  12. The baby name question, with the last name Love, is a complicated one.

    Out of the question:

    Miranda Love - it becomes Randy Love in the UK & Australia.
    Amanda Love - becomes A man to love.
    Anything ending with -in, like Jayden, Aiden, Collin - it becomes Jade-in-love, or ade-in-love, etc.
    Lotta Love - needs no explanation.
    Lucy Love - loose love.

    Then there are the names that just sound pornographic. Yes, Adora Love qualifies as that, sorry Jamie!

    As far as our sordid past, Andrew and I met in 1991, dated briefly in 1993, had a bad breakup, and didn’t talk for several years. We started talking again in 1997 when I heard about a flood in Fort Collins that killed a few people. Started dating long distance in 1998, moved in in 1999, got engaged in 2000, got married in 2001.

    If you had told me in 1993 that we’d be married ten years later, I would have run screaming. Shows how things can change!!! If you let them.

    BTW Jules, I have two rings - I’m spoiled. :)

  13. Kate - ideally, but you know how it goes. Even when boys take care of things you’ve still got to clean up after them. :D (Also, unless Andrew can breast feed, my sympathies rest squarely with Jess.)

    Jess: I ask because it looks from here like you’ve got a good thing going with this Andrew guy who writes some blog or something. :) Keep thinking of names while you tolerate the last little bit of being pregnant, we’ll be waiting adorable pictures of the three of you. :)

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